• Published on 21 Jul 2013
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Succesfull Summer Camp

This year, the Summer Camp was kindly hosted by INDRA, and the participants were welcomed by Jose Luis Angoso González, the Director for Innovation at INDRA. At the beautiful and modern conference location of INDRA in Madrid, ARTEMIS-IA welcomed 66 participants.  This year’s event was visited by 12 Countries of which represented by 32 industry, 18 research & university and 4 SME’s. Besides the ARTEMIS Industry association also experts from AENEAS and EPoSS were present. Also the European Commission was represented at the event.

The main goal of this year’s Summer Camp was to provide feedback on the draft 2013 Addendum of the ARTEMIS SRA-2011 and to provide input for the 2014 draft multiannual strategic research and innovation agenda  and draft research and innovation activities plan  of the new Joint Undertaking ECSEL.

During the course of the event and through intensive break-out sessions, many ideas were discussed. Presentations from Hipeac on their roadmap and from NXP on Smart Cities inspired the discussions.  The Commission presented their first plans for Cyber-Physical systems under Horizon2020. Jan Lohstroh updated the audience on the status of discussion with the Commission on the Council Regulation and the discussions with EPoSS and AENEAS to prepare the new ECSEL-JU.  Laila Gide and Tatu Koljonen presented the update of the SRA2011 with an addendum to prepare for the latest technological developments. In the afternoon, the discussion in subgroups was organised along the lines of Smart Cities, Health, Manufacturing and Transport, as important application domains.  

The day was closed with a dinner on a beautiful location close to the center of Madrid where ARTEMIS-IA thanked Eric Schutz for all his contributions and strong leadership to ARTEMIS in the context of his upcoming retirement.

On the second day, representatives of EPoSS and AENEAS presented the technical strategies of their ETP’s as input for a discussion.  In a plenary session, conclusions were presented.  Also the roadmap on automation for process industries of the ARTEMIS CoIE was presented: