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  • Published on 17 Oct 2012
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The ARTEMIS and ITEA Cooperation Committee (AICC)


Cooperation ITEA 

A Sherpa group was started two years ago between ITEA and ARTEMIS with representatives of ARTEMIS-IA, ARTEMIS-JU, ITEA, Public Authorities and the Commission to address the cooperation.  In April 2010, a first delineation document was ready for approval, capturing the cooperation between ARTEMIS and ITEA in one sentence: “one mission, different instruments”.

The scope of this year was to indicate areas of cooperation between ITEA and ARTEMIS to give substance to this mission, and a first WG of the Sherpa group worked on a document with the title “Vision 2030” to illustrate that ITEA and ARTEMIS have the same vision on the longer-term future of the embedded systems and software landscape. Also in the area of public and member information on projects, progress has been made. Where ITEA provides a database with “State-of-the-Art” (SotA) descriptions from projects, ARTEMIS will build a Repository with public and more detailed (for ARTEMIS-IA members only) project information and results. ARTEMIS SotA information can be submitted to the ITEA database, if relevant. Also both databases can be connected.  This topic is the subject of the parallel session on the Vision 2030 in the Co-Summit. For the future, the Sherpa meeting agreed to continue under the name ARTEMIS ITEA Cooperation Committee (AICC).