• Published on 17 Oct 2012
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The shared vision of ARTEMIS and ITEA on ICT Innovation

Co-summit 2012

Vision 2030 (a shared ARTEMIS-ITEA vision for ICT Innovation)


A period on change and disruption is forecasted to last until 2030. Changes that will impact the way business is done today. The major areas of change and disruption are expected in globalisation and demographic change, management of scarce resources, climate change, urbanisation, mobility,


healthcare and nutrition and Digital society.  For Europe, an industry which is strong in ICT-based innovations is a prerequisite for maintaining a competitive position at the global level. Moreover, it creates high value jobs in the ICT industry and also in other more traditional industries which are dependent on ICT. Research in ICT propels the innovation in many sectors of the economy, enhancing products and services with intelligence and supporting new innovative applications.


ARTEMIS and ITEA developed a shared Vision 2030, describing the impact of these areas of change on society and the role of ICT to support solutions to master these changes. However, having a vision is only a starting point, but sharing a vision is essential to get Europe’s ICT industry on its way to a prosperous 2030. In the upcoming Co-Summit, both ARTEMIS and ITEA share their vision on ICT innovation with the ICT community, and in a parallel session on the Co-Summit on this topic further discussion on this topic is facilitated.