ecsel symposium 2020
  • Published on 02 Jun 2020
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Upcoming ECSEL JU Symposium: online edition on Key Digital Technologies enabling European economic recovery

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has proved that the Digital Transformation hugely impacts all sectors of our economy; from agriculture to public services, from industry to public administration, it radically changes the way we live and work.

These evolutions are empowered by advances in artificial intelligence, improved cyber-security, reinforced connectivity through 5G (and 6G), edge computing, sensors, power management etc., many of which will significantly contribute to the ‘European Green Deal’, as well as providing the necessary means for stimulating industry and employment - which is likely to be a critical societal concern during the recovery from the pandemic crisis.

But the EU today is at risk of losing its digital sovereignty. Lately the sense of urgency has increased, but unless quick and more targeted actions are taken the EU may risk losing its global position.

Join the ECSEL JU community for its annual event, exceptionally taking a shape of a digital conference, where the most urgent issues will be discussed to try to get some answers.

For more information and registration go to ECSEL JU.