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  • Published on 25 Feb 2013
  • About ARTEMIS

What’s the difference between a Membership and a DoA?

Lately we’ve noticed that more and more people think that signing the Declaration of Acceptance (DoA) is the same as signing up for an ARTEMIS-IA Membership. This is not the case! For that reason hereby an explanation of the differences:  

DoA (Declaration of Acceptance)
After a project is selected for funding by the ARTEMIS-JUall participating project partners that are not a member of ARTEMIS-IA are asked to sign the ARTEMIS-IA Declaration of Acceptance (DoA). The DoA simply means that you declare, for fairness reasons, to pay to ARTEMIS-IA the same 1.5 % of the total eligible costs of your part of the project as the ARTEMIS-IA members do, however without enjoying the other benefits of being a member of ARTEMIS-IA (for which you have to pay the yearly membership fee). ARTEMIS-IA needs this 1.5% to fulfill the obligation to pay 2/3 of the costs of the ARTEMIS-JU office. Over the lifetime of the JU office (2009-2017) their total costs are estimated to be 13.8 MEuro, so ARTEMIS-IA has to pay 9.2 MEuro.

This 1.5% charge is referred to as the “variable fee” to ARTEMIS-IA, whereas the membership fee is sometimes called the “fixed fee”.

What are the benefits of being a member? 
The ARTEMIS Industry Association (ARTEMIS-IA) has two main goals: 1) to be the European Technology Platform (ETP) on Embedded Systems and 2) to be the private partner in the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (the public partners are the European Commission plus ARTEMIS Member States).

If you are a member of the ARTEMIS Industry Association you can participate in community-events, working groups and meetings, to be maximally informed about the latest developments in Embedded Systems, and you can give your input to the pan-European ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) that is updated regularly.

Moreover, you are represented by the ARTEMIS-IA Steering Board, in the Multi Annual Strategic Programme (MASP) of the ARTEMIS-JU as well as in its Annual Work Plan (AWP), because the ARTEMIS-JU is an industry-driven programme.

Why is it important to become a Member at this moment in time? 
The Presidium & Steering Board of the ARTEMIS Industry Association are in the middle of negotiations with the Commission and Member States to construct a follow-up programme  that should launch its first call in 2014 (the current ARTEMIS-JU has launched its last call in 2013). The more members we have, the more impact we can make in the negotiations!

Find more information about the benefits of a membership via http://www.artemis-ia.eu/benefits