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  • Published on 28 Apr 2020
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Whitepaper from IoT to SoS

Last year in March 2019, the ARTEMIS Industry Association published a report on the importance of Embedded Intelligence: trends and challenges for the EU, in a global world. This year, it is my pleasure to introduce the work coordinated by Paolo Azzoni of Eurotech on Internet of Things (IoT) and System(s) of Systems (SoS) as one of the themes of our Strategic Research Agenda in the digital scope. IoT/SoS represent a crucial technology (an enabler) for digitalisation and for the European Digital Era.

IoT has become a reality thanks to a concrete series of enablers that are part of the Electronics Component Systems value chain. IoT/SoS represent the largest "sub-chain" of the ECS value chain:

  • The coverage of the ECS value chain is more pending on its “higher parts” where the value is expected to have a tenfold growth
  • The ECSEL community has all the needed stakeholders to cover the various roles required in the IoT/SoS value chain.

This means that the ECSEL community has all the ingredients (technology, business models, managerial schemes, operational rules) to create IoT/SoS solutions to go into a global market. This study is an opportunity to underline ECSEL members contribution on IoT versus other European initiatives in the same domain.

However, there are still significant obstacles to remove and challenges to face like safety, trust, availability of open platforms, interoperability and engineering support.

The market study (particularly the trends), the assessment of the achievements and of the investments of previous projects allow to clarify where we must invest in research and innovation, where we need to remove the barriers and provide solutions that speed-up the IoT uptake.

Last but not least, particularly under the unavoidable changes in the economy and society of post-Covid 19 era, the IoT/SoS will have an accelerated importance that will require valid research, implementation and control.

In short, like the previous report, this study should bring a substantial pillar within the battle for European digital sovereignty. It brings an essential brick to consider the future of the KDT not only to support semi-conductors’ innovations as stand-alone, but to have an ECS approach on a true eco-system based on the importance of the strategic market value in the future.

Jean-Luc di Paola-Galloni

President of the ARTEMIS Industry Association
Chair of the Private Members Board of ECSEL

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