Project presentations

ARTEMIS Technology Conference, 6-7 October 2015, Turin

Please find below a description of the project presentations that were scheduled for the ARTEMIS Technology Conference 2015.

ProjectPresentation description
Theme: Smart Production
Arrowhead IoT & SoS Discuss the new automation challenges, and solutions that the Arrowhead framework offers.
DYMASOS Demonstration of how large-scale coordination problems in industrial sites can be solved in a distributed fashion without sharing detailed information between the different plants.
eScop From enterprise solutions to embedded devices - how to use new technologies to overcome current challenges in manufacturing.
CREMA / MANTIS Describing challenges in bringing Cloud Computing technology to the manufacturign realm in the Industry 4.0 era. A case study on Advanced SMART maintenance services will be described from Cloud to the development of sensors and Cyber-Physical systems.
Theme: ARTEMIS Reference Platforms
With-Me Participants will discover how to incorporate new technologies and devices related to eHealth to the With-Me platform.
CRYSTAL Identifying the optimal solution for RTP instantiation that best fits a system development process.
Theme: Future CPS industrial challenges
EMC2 multi domain architectures To explore the full potential of the multicore based on the needs and requirements of the next IMA generation for a really high dependable avionics system.
EMC2 open source software Open Source Software is a major player in many industial products but its potential is under exploited in CPS. We think that it is possible to improve its usage and there are valuable case studies.
BUTLER Introducing Micro Plug-and-Play, a hardware/software solution allowing for plug-and-play integration of IoT peripherals at near-zero cost, automatic deployment and configuration of peripheral driver code, and seamless discovery of new peripherals throughout the distributed CPS infrastructure.
INTO-CPS For efficient development of CPS, model-based design methods and tools are required, which are being developed in INTO-CPS.
MultiPARTES, DREAMS, PROXIMA The presentation will describe current research projects, certification authority assessments and lessons learnt in the safety certification of cross-domain mixed-criticality systems (e.g, railway, wind turbine, aerospace and avionics).
PaPP To support companies developing parallel Embedded Systems that are portabie to new platforms, while ensuring sufficient performance, the PaPP toolchain provides high-level modeling tools for increased developer productivity, performance prediction tools for various hardware platforms, and an adaptive runtime system for system portability.
Sherlock NRT Innovative, distributed, technologies for “near real time” discovery of patterns in multimedia big-data streams.
DEWI This talk presents a novel method for the assessment and monitoring of project achievements, based on a consistent logical and mathematical framework.
Theme: Smart Mobility
UnCoVerCPS Testing will be insufficient to guarantee the required safety standards for fully automated driving – formal methods will be inevitable.
MBAT The presentation will show a software development example for Brake by Wire car systems where successive engineering tasks can interoperate on a holistic navitation and traceability platform, for modeling and testing at different level the embedded software.
ARAMiS Degree of automation in future systems will directly depend on embedded computing power, where significant challenges are still to solve.
iCOMPOSE The audience will be brought closer to future cloud-based approaches of the control software architecture with focus on comprehensive energy managemen in electrified vehicles.
ADAS The authors who participated in the development of the best available state-of-the-art ADAS systems available on the market today, present the current achievements and report future challenges.
DESERVE A standard platform for development of a new generation of ADAS t.o reach the “accident free mobility” scenario.
Local4Global Smart Cyber-Physical systems that act locally for optimizing globally: in order to optimise the output performance of a System-of-Systems (SoS), it is possible to use an optimisation algorithm that 'tunes' the control of the local system instead of developing a costly model of the full SoS, so that smart systems collaborating 'locally' achieve high efficiency 'globally'.
PROT-ONE Green vehicles and use of renovable energy will be a must in the future; as 2/3 of world population lives close to the water (sea, lakes, rivers), the development of small electric boats for passengers and gods could open new interesting business opportunities.
Theme: Smart Everywhere
EuroCPS How to push forward design for innovative products based on CPS.
smart-MEMPHIS Smart-MEMPHIS has a seriously ambitious target to combine new features of energy harvesting, energy storage and power management by miniaturisation and innovative packaging technology to produce leadless pacemakers and structural health monitoring applications.


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