A crucial factor in maintaining leadership and competitiveness

Innovation Environment

ARTEMIS aims to build a self-sustaining Innovation Environment for European leadership in Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems “to establish a new holistic approach to research, technology development, innovation and skill creation by improving the linkages between the three parts of the knowledge triangle education, research and innovation”. Education and Training (E&T) is a crucial factor in maintaining leadership and competitiveness.

Vision, mission and strategy

The E&T Working Group is part of the overall ARTEMIS vision to achieve a self-sustaining Innovation Environment for European leadership in Embedded Systems (ES) / Cyber-physical Systems (CPS) in a world flooded by intelligent ES/CPS for the benefit of mankind. Its mission is to enable long-term sustainability of this Innovation Environment by:

  • contributing to an infrastructure for E&T that facilitates new content and curricula
  • strengthening links between industry and academia
  • building on and integrating the results of European activities, networks and projects
  • raising business awareness and facilitating short-term exchange and training in both directions (industry and academia), complementary to long-term basic research.

The ARTEMIS E&T WG plans to fulfil its mission by addressing “embracing activities” within ARTEMIS and in context of ECSEL. Such activities include contributing to the ARTEMIS SRA (ECSEL SRIA and MASRIA) and E&T relevant aspects of Work Programmes (e.g. requirements for proposals, evaluation criteria) as well as cooperating with other ARTEMIS WGs and initiatives or programmes (particularly EIT ICT-Labs, CoIEs), concerning educational aspects and utilising the possibilities of funded support for roadmap activities in ECSEL or Horizon 2020. The WG will address particularly approaches to involve elements of the whole E&T chain that are not sufficiently addressed by existing networks and will link up with and tap into projects and their innovation activities.

The ARTEMIS and ECSEL context

There is a good chance for our WG in ECSEL since this topic is NOT covered by the other industrial associations in ECSEL: AENEAS and EPoSS. Combining hardware, software and smart systems integration will provide a broader basis to reach “critical mass”. This holistic approach to systems engineering is an ideal education & training target!

An important issue is the ECSEL-JU Research and Innovation Activities Plan (RIAP), Annex 2 currently being discussed, where Education and Training is addressed under “Innovation Context” to “build self-sustaining innovation ecosystems for European leadership in Embedded Systems”, and “Innovation Environment” under “General Requirements for the Evaluation” that states “…the proposals should describe their organisation and contribution to overcome the gap between the theory of academic education and the practice in industrial application”.

Activities and successes of the E&T WG in recent years

The report 2013 to the ARTEMIS Steering Board included:

  • Contributions to the last ARTEMIS WPs, MASP and SRA: E&T part of the “Innovation Environment”, key to sustainability!
  • Linking with projects: e.g. the ARTEMIS projects MBAT, SafeCer and R3-COP have some E&T focus (in SafeCer even an „E&T use case“) to provide some E&T material
  • Cooperation with Standardisation WG: ProSE Support Action: educational aspects in Strategic Agenda for Standardisation included
  • Informal contacts started with CoIE Process-IT (Jerker Delsing) and EIT ICT Labs (contacts and possible co-operation discussion at last Summer Camp and Co-Summit informally)
  • Special E&T Workshop Session at Euromicro (SEAA (Software Engineering and Advanced Applications) 4-6 September 2013, Santander, Spain, “Teaching, Education and Training for Dependable Embedded Systems Engineering” (the same planned for 2014)
  • Cooperation with ERCIM (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics), EWICS (European Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems, E&T WG) and ARTEMIS Austria.

2014 and beyond

The next meetings of the E&T WG will cover the most important issues addressed in the strategy part of the E&T WG (starting at the ARTEMIS Spring Meeting 2014, covering a period until 2016):

  • Discussion of activities and engagement of interested parties, particularly cooperation with EIT-ICT Labs, CoIEs and involvement of Chambers A and C
  • ECSEL JU Research and Innovation Activities Plan (RIAP): Positioning of E&T
  • Support action as a common approach for Working Groups to get some funding
  • Assessing E&T aspects of other ARTEMIS WGs for possible cooperation
  • Starting with “White Paper” or Roadmap for E&T in ECSEL context

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