ARTEMIS Industry Association is a membership organisation with about 200 members and associates from all over Europe. The multidisciplinary nature of the membership provides an excellent network for the exchange of technology ideas, cross-domain fertilisation, as well as for large innovation initiatives.

Advanced Research & Technology for EMbedded Intelligent Systems

ARTEMIS Industry Association is the association for actors in Embedded Intelligent Systems within Europe. As private partner, the association represents its members - industry, SMEs, universities and research institutes - in ECSEL Joint Undertaking.
ARTEMIS Industry Association continuously promotes the R&I interests of its members to the European Commission and the Public Authorities of the participating states.
The association strongly believes that the continued success of the Embedded Intelligent Systems sector in Europe depends on one coordinated, pan-European strategy. Forming this strategy is a part of the ARTEMIS European Technology Platform, which is developed & executed by the ARTEMIS Industry Association, and results in 4 core values:


European competitiveness




Global impact


Improve day-to-day life


Focus areas


The vision driving ARTEMIS Industry Association is that mankind should benefit from a major evolution in our society, whereby our world is widely supported by Intelligent Systems. A world in which all systems, machines and objects that become smart will have a presence in cyber-space to exploit the digital information and services around them, through communication with the environment and with people, and continue to manage their resources autonomously.


ARTEMIS Industry Association nurtures the ambition to strengthen Europe's position in Embedded Intelligent Systems and to attain world-class leadership in this domain to support the European Industry.


  • To represent

    Industry in the best way possible.

  • To explain

    to policymakers the need of research and funding in Embedded Intelligent Systems.

  • To be an ETP

    European Technology Platform in Embedded Intelligent Systems.

  • To be one

    of the partners of ECSEL Joint Undertaking.


Continuation of the ETP ARTEMIS

The ARTEMIS Industry Association strategy is based on the following angles:

1To represent R&I actors in Embedded Intelligent Systems in Europe and to continuously promote the R&I interests of its members to the European Commission and the Public Authorities of the participating states.

2To focus on disseminating and supporting the ECSEL & H2020 projects.

3To participate in ECSEL Joint Undertaking with the ‘ARTEMIS Community’, involving industry, SMEs, universities and research institutes. ARTEMIS Industry Association will support ECSEL Joint Undertaking and its projects in the same way as the association has supported ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking.

The main focus points are:

  • Build a self-sustaining Innovation Environment for European leadership in Embedded Intelligent Systems.
  • Full development of the innovation potential of SMEs in Embedded Intelligent Systems.
  • Address European strategic priorities in addition to the individual interests of companies and countries, upstream and downstream.
  • Strengthen European industry and address societal challenges
    (more info: High-Level Vision 2030 by ARTEMIS & ITEA).
  • Aligning research agendas for Embedded Intelligent Systems.

Our members about ARTEMIS-IA:



    January 2018

    First ever joint Electronic Components & Systems (ECS) Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is published, setting out the vision of ARTEMIS-IA, AENEAS and EPoSS for digital Europe.


    April 2016

    New technologies and challenges created the need for a brand-new Strategic Research Agenda. In April 2016 the SRA 2016 was launched.


    May 2014

    The ECSEL-JU programme started with the merge of the previous ARTEMIS-JU and the ENIAC-JU in June 2014 and will finish in 2024. ARTEMIS Industry Association represents actors from the Embedded Intelligent Systems area.


    Autumn 2013

    ARTEMIS Industry Association, together with ITEA, conducted a thorough study on the economic dimensions of Digital Technology and the impact of software innovation on revenue and jobs in Europe. The results of this study are published in the ITEA-ARTEMIS-IA High-Level Vision 2030.


    April 2011

    New technical options and challenges occurred and it became clear that an update of the first edition of the SRA was needed. The SRA 2011 was therefore launched in April that year.


    February 2008

    The ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (JU) became a reality in February 2008 as a Community body based in Brussels by means of a Council Regulation.



    In 2007, the ARTEMIS Industry Association was founded as legal body, to continue the activities of the ARTEMIS ETP and to become the legal private partner in the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking.


    March 2006

    One of the core tasks of the ARTEMIS ETP was to define a common Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) which acts as a reference for the Embedded Computing domain to attract investment from the stakeholders. The first version of the SRA was published in March 2006.


    June 2004

    The ARTEMIS European Technology Platform was established in June 2004. Its aim was to bring together key players in the Embedded Computing arena across the entire spectrum of industrial sectors by 17 major companies.