Interoperability Coordination Forum (ICF) Workshop 2018

When: 6 February 2018, 09:00-12:30 hrs

Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin
Room: Salon 7 (1st floor)
Friedrichstrasse 151
10117 Berlin, Germany
T: +49 30 20335

The ICF team of the ARTEMIS-IA Standardisation Working Group organises a half-day Interoperability Coordination Workshop, co-located and organized back-2-back with the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event in Berlin, and invites you to present your projects resp. project ideas focused on Interoperability.


As part of many past and ongoing EU level projects, specifications, frameworks, open source software, and other assets are frequently developed. Many of these refer to different aspects of interoperability, for example in terms of middleware, linked data schemes for data exchange, model-exchange formats, and co-simulation approaches. The increasing connectivity and integration further drives the importance of interoperability; many projects and efforts will need interoperability in one way and or another. In order to avoid recreating the wheel, it becomes essential to disseminate what has been achieved so far including raising awareness of ongoing efforts and resources. In turn, this provides opportunities for identifying new directions and synergies for collaborative efforts that build upon and leverage useful existing results. This sets the scene for this workshop.

The workshop in particular has the goals to:

  1. inform about the recent ARTEMIS-IA initiated Interoperability Coordination Forum (ICF), an effort that will strive to precisely leverage existing interoperability results and create a community that furthers these results,
  2. disseminate and raise awareness of existing interoperability results and resources, including but not limited to the interoperability specification (IOS), linked data/OSLC, FMI and HLA (co- simulation) and results from ongoing projects such as ACOSAR, Enable-S3 and Arrowhead,
  3. provide a forum for pitching project ideas and discussing collaboration on interoperability related topics,
  4. contribute to an overall better understanding of the interoperability landscape.

The overall approach of the workshop will be to emphasize short presentations focusing on the interoperability aspects/results/ideas of existing and planned projects, in the favor of more extensive discussions. Based upon the assests already available at the Interoperability Forum, especially the IOS database, we will also in a cooperative approach collect interoperability related topics, results, and resources into an ‘Interoperability map’ (see agenda below).


Register for the workshop:

Registration is free of charge, and subject to availability.
Please remember: If you want to participate without presenting anything, registration is sufficient. If you want to present an existing project or project idea, please register at the above website AND announce your contribution to


We invite contributions for short pitches that describe (1) interoperability results and resources, and/or, (2) project ideas where interoperability aspects form a strong ingredient.

For each proposed contribution, please describe the interoperability concept you are promoting, its role (i.e. what problem it is solving) and what existing platforms/standards/technologies it relates to. For interoperability results/resources – add what these resources are/consist of, what the status is and how they may be used (or contributed to). For project pitches, briefly describe the project idea, how it concerns interoperability, and what partners/technologies/insights you are looking for.

Workshop contributions and questions can be submitted to

Preliminary Agenda

09:15Interoperability Coordination Forum: Structure, Membership, Way of Working
09:30IOS Database: Status and Content
09:45Existing Projects and their Interoperability results
10:45Coffee break
11:00Project pitches
11:30Interactive session: Map of the Interoperability Landscape
12:15Discussion and Wrap up
12:30End of Workshop


This workshop will take place back-to-back with the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event 2018, which will take place in the afternoon of 6 February and on 7 Februari 2018 at the same venue. Registration for this event is separate, via the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event website.