Declaration of Acceptance (DoA)

A Declaration of Acceptance (DoA) is an agreement for payment of the project Variable Fee.

Project partners that are not a member of ARTEMIS Industry Association are invited by the association to become member, which is the ideal choice because of the membership benefits. By becoming an ARTEMIS Industry Association member, the member agrees to pay the Membership Fee, and the project Variable Fee for projects they participate in.

However, for the project partners that do not wish to become an ARTEMIS Industry Association member, an alternative has been created to only contribute the Variable Fee: the 'Declaration of Acceptance' (DoA). By voluntarily signing a DoA, a project partner also pays a Variable Fee. The project fee for a DoA-signer is higher than the project fee for an ARTEMIS Industry Association member.

Without the Variable Fee, ARTEMIS Industry Association would not be able to finance its part in ECSEL Joint Undertaking and consequently ECSEL Joint Undertaking - together with the funded projects - would not continue. It is therefore kindly expected of all companies, institutes and universities participating in an ECSEL project to pay their Variable Fee.

To ensure that the contribution is shared fairly by all partners, we encourage you to ensure that all non-member partners in your project sign the DoA.

Please note:

Fixed membership fee

Within ARTEMIS Industry Association there are several different contribution fees, depending if you are participating in ECSEL-JU projects. The Membership Fee to become a member of the ARTEMIS Industry Association is in all cases the same.

The annual Membership Fee of ARTEMIS Industry Association - per calendar year excl. VAT in 2017 amounts to:

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)A-member€    500
Research organisations & universitiesB-member€    500
Large enterprises < EUR 500 MC-member€ 2,500
Large enterprises > EUR 500 MC-member€ 5,000
Umbrella & branch organisations (no internal R&I activities) Associate€    500

Contributions overview


Variable Fee and C-share for ECSEL-JU projects

Variable Fee

ARTEMIS Industry Association pays - together with AENEAS and EPoSS - part of the administrative costs of ECSEL Joint Undertaking. The other part is paid by the European Commission. ARTEMIS Industry Association finances its contribution to these costs through a so-called 'Variable Fee'. See revised Articles of Association (AoA) and the Bylaws (these documents replace the former ARTEMIS-IA Supplementary Agreement, ASA).

The Variable Fee for ECSEL-JU project partners is reduced for members of ARTEMIS-IA. The non-member project partners of ARTEMIS-IA will be invited by ARTEMIS Industry Association to become member, or to voluntarily sign a Declaration of Acceptance (DoA) to pay a higher Variable Fee than ARTEMIS-IA members.

The Variable Fee is calculated based on the maximum possible funding, which is the maximum funding that you may receive from the Funding Authority and/or from the National Funding Authorities, as specified in the PAB Decision.

The invoices of the Variable Fee are addressed directly to the representatives of the partners in project consortia. The Variable Fee will only be invoiced after the Grant Agreement has been signed by ECSEL-JU or the European Commission.

More information and a calculation example can be found in Variable Fee details.

The Variable Fee for ECSEL-JU project partners is:

Year ARTEMIS-IA member DoA signer

C-share – for C-members only

Please be aware that the contribution fee of non-members in an ECSEL-JU project who do not sign a DoA has to be covered by the ARTEMIS Industry Association C-members in the project, as defined in the Articles of Association (AoA) and the Bylaws. To ensure that the contribution is borne fairly by all partners, we encourage you to ensure that all non-member partners in your project sign the DoA.

All C-members of ARTEMIS Industry Association have agreed to pay an extra variable contribution to compensate for non-contributing non-members participating in the same ECSEL-JU projects as they are. Such project participants are also known as ‘Free Riders’ (not a member of ARTEMIS Industry Association and not a DoA signer). The extra variable contribution is called the ‘C-member Share’. The C-member Share is invoiced annually and is based on the situation in the project in December before the year of the invoice.

More information

Detailed information about ARTEMIS Industry Association and its Bylaws is available on the regulations webpage.
Any questions and/or concerns may be directed to the ARTEMIS Industry Association office.