• Published on 03 Jan 2017
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ARTEMIS-IA welcomes 10 new members

In 2016, ARTEMIS Industry Association had the honour to welcome 10 new members originating from 8 different Member States. It is wonderful to see the ARTEMIS-IA member base expanding and that these new members joined our efficient and successful network of experts.

Our new members:

  • IK4-DEKO,
  • SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut AB,
  • BetterSolutions S.A.,
  • Embedded France,
  • FH Burgenland,
  • Mawell Care Oy,
  • Tedesys Global,
  • Universidad de Sevilla,
  • Argotec,
  • m2Xpert GmbH.

We welcome you and our new members to our events in 2017, to make use of excellent opportunities to network, be informed and to build quality consortia for R&I projects or large-scale clusters (Innovation Environment).


ARTEMIS Industry Association organises the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event 2017 in Brussels to help with the drafting of project proposals and finding the right consortium partners. About 250 participants from all over Europe are expected to attend this event. Go to the Brokerage webpage to register. Participation to the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event is free of charge for members of ARTEMIS Industry Association.

You can also join the Digital Innovation Forum 2017, which is the industry-driven digital innovation conference in Europe, showing R&I results and emerging challenges towards a vision on the future for and built by industry. This event is co-organised with ITEA 3 and each ARTEMIS-IA member received two free entrance tickets.

About the ARTEMIS Membership

Teaming up with ARTEMIS Industry Association is teaming up with a powerful network of around 170 members that are active in Embedded Intelligence Research & Innovation from all over Europe. All members are listed in our members list.

Our members are grouped in Chambers, categorised as A, B and C (see overview below). Each Chamber appoints their own Chair and organises Chamber meetings, in which specific topics can be discussed. Members also have the possibility to participate in ARTEMIS Working Groups. Twice a year, a General Assembly meeting is organised for the ARTEMIS-IA members. Usually these meeting take place in combination or back-to-back with a large event for the Embedded Intelligence Research & Innovation Community. As member you can join the ARTEMIS Industry Association meetings and events free of charge and use these opportunities to network, do business, create and innovate.

ARTEMIS Industry Association members pay a fixed Membership Fee, as well as a Variable Fee for the projects they participate in.
The annual Membership Fee of ARTEMIS Industry Association - per calendar year excl. VAT - in 2016 amounts to:

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) A-member €    500
Research organisations & universities B-member €    500
Large enterprises < EUR 500 M C-member € 2,500
Large enterprises > EUR 500 M C-member € 5,000
Umbrella & branch organisations (no internal R&I activities) Associate €    500

When participating in ECSEL projects, an additional fee has to be paid, called the Variable Fee. For more information about this Variable fee, go to

In case you would like to join our association, go to the membership page.