• Published on 13 Apr 2016
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ARTEMIS SRA 2016 released

On 13 April  2016, ARTEMIS Industry Association launched its Strategic Research Agenda 2016 in Vienna. ARTEMIS Industry Association aims to consolidate the pathway for the digital revolution, enabling a more agile and shorter development cycle of Embedded Intelligent Systems through the adoption of design by composition and correct-by-construction principles. It also aims to overcome fragmentation in the European supply base for design and engineering components and tools. In the coming years the Industry Association will focus on providing strong technological capability over the whole value chain, thus removing barriers between application contexts to yield multi-domain, reusable components and Embedded Intelligent systems, and extend the use of digital platforms to build the stronger eco-systems that are needed to accelerate innovation and create new business models.

The digital evolution, or digitisation, is a silent revolution that is transforming our way of living and of doing business. It is a tremendous opportunity for European stakeholders active in many sectors to benefit from this transformation as users and as suppliers. Indeed “Europe’s Future is digital” – an excerpt from Commissioner Oettinger speech at the Hannover Messe 2015.

Cyber-Physical Systems technology is nowadays widely recognised as a core enabling technology that lies at the heart of the development of many innovative products and services in both developed and emerging economies. The digital transformation is considered a great opportunity for the related development and deployment, opening new markets to every business in Europe and beyond for such innovative products and services.

In an industrial context Cyber-Physical Systems encompasses a wider class of systems than Embedded Systems in their most narrow definition. Therefore, ARTEMIS-IA distinguishes three focal areas that together create this wider industrial context:

  • Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems,
  • Internet of Things,
  • Digital Platforms.

ARTEMIS Industry Association believes that there are no sharp delineations between technologies, and that such technologies should not be considered in splendid isolation. These areas together will allow the emergence of new innovative businesses that support the opportunities for value creation in several sectors that Embedded Intelligence creates.

Cyber-Physical Systems technology, as a basis for embedded intelligence, is a major enabler of the Digital transformation and for the ‘Digitisation of Industry’ as well as for every business in Europe, increasing its innovation potential by boosting its ability to bring to market a new and larger variety of smarter products and services that are reshaping the future and creating new unprecedented opportunities.

Powered by the new era of this Digital Transformation, ARTEMIS will continue to support a vision in which Europe remains among the world-class leaders in the area of Cyber-Physical Systems and Embedded Intelligence. For ARTEMIS it is paramount to position itself as a digitisation leader for the benefit of the society and businesses in Europe and worldwide. ARTEMIS aims to play a leading role in achieving a real Digital Single Market policy in Europe.

The ARTEMIS SRA 2016 can be downloaded here and on the Publications page.