ARTEMIS Technology Conference 2015

6-7 October 2015, Turin, Italy

This 2-day event called the ARTEMIS Technology Conference (ATC), has - as the name indicates - a focus on deep technological presentations, both on project achievements and state-of-the-art technology.

ATC 2015 overview

For a full overview of the event, view the following pages:

Theme sessions

This year’s ATC was the first event in the new series of ARTEMIS-IA events and the pilot for a new programme set-up, consisting of a collection of parallel technical sessions, each built around a specific theme. The programme of the ATC was built from the following five thematic sessions:

  1. CPS for Smart Production and Industrial Automation
  2. Revisit of the ARTEMIS Reference Platform concept
  3. Future CPS industrial challenges
  4. CPS for Smart Mobility and Autonomous Driving
  5. Workshop on ProcessIT.EU roadmap

You can find more detailed information about the content of the project presentations here.

Project idea exhibition

As the ATC took place early October, its timing fit perfectly into the preparation period of project proposals for the related H2020 calls. Therefore, ARTEMIS-IA organised a project idea exhibition during this ATC, in which consortia from communities that face CPS related challenges could present their ideas for new projects.

Through this project idea exhibition, ARTEMIS-IA would like to support related ETP’s with:
  • New project consortia in which the ARTEMIS community can participate to tackle CPS issues
  • Encouraging industry participation in Horizon 2020
  • Finding project partners in the domain of CPS R&I
  • Fostering networking opportunities with other ETPs and other partners along the value chain to address cross-sectorial challenges with CPS as enabling technology
  • Identifying new opportunities for international cooperation

To submit a project idea poster, your proposal summary could be sent to: info (at)

Back-to-back workshops 6-8 October 2015

6 OctoberWorkshop on Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems Roadmap, organised by CPSoS.
7 OctoberStandardisation Report on Current and Future Activities, organised by the ARTEMIS Working Group Standardisation with support of CP-SETIS.
8 OctoberRoad2CPS workshop, for which a separate registration was opened.
Are platforms a solution for our industrial competitiveness? How can they benefit from IoT and Big data? Workshop goals are:
  1. Align the work of different European initiatives to ensure the coherence of our results.
  2. Align supply and demand. We know many solutions can be found in the market. But, are these solutions fulfilling real needs of customers? Are they suitable to promote the right innovation ecosystems?
  3. Become part of one of the flagship communities that will define the future of CPS.
Registration for the workshop could be done via the Road2CPS Workshop website.


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