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Brokerage Event, 15-16 January 2013, London

Find below an overview of helpful documents for the Brokerage Event 2013, including all links & downloads.
The Brokerage Event links & downloads are only available for participants of the event.

ARTEMIS Brokerage Event 2013
Organisation Brokerage 2013 & instructions to participants (PTT Ad ten Berg)
Programme Content Annual Work Plan (PTT Laila Gide)
Call 2013 Process (PTT Alun Foster)
ARTEMIS Succusses (PTT Eric Schutz - by Alun Foster)
Handout Brokerage 2013
Programme & Floorplan Brokerage 2013
AWP 2013: Draft Annual Working Programme 2013
AWP 2013-part AIPP: Draft Annual Working Programme 2013 - Part AIPP
Call 2013 folder
Event App Brokerage 2013
Project Idea Tool Brokerage 2013
Project Pitch PowerPoint Template Brokerage 2013
Evaluation Form Brokerage 2013
Participants Brokerage 2013

ARTEMIS Industry Association & Joint Undertaking folder
Join ARTEMIS Industry Association & become a member
Members ARTEMIS Industry Association
ARTEMIS SRA 2011 [Book Silver edition]
ARTEMIS Magazine No 13 [13/2012]
ARTEMIS Book of Projects Volume ONE
ARTEMIS Book of Projects Volume TWO
ARTEMIS Projects Call 2008
ARTEMIS Projects Call 2009
ARTEMIS Projects Call 2010
ARTEMIS Projects Call 2011
ARTEMIS Projects Call 2012
ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking

ARTEMIS Publications
PowerPoint Presentation template - ARTEMIS Industry Association
PowerPoint Presentation template - ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking
ARTEMIS logo (CMYK 72 dpi)
ARTEMIS logo (CMYK 300 dpi)
ARTEMIS logo (RGB 72 dpi)
ARTEMIS logo (RGB 72 dpi)
ARTEMIS Strategy


Brokerage Event 2013