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Embedded intelligent Systems make products smarter, more interconnected, interdependent, collaborative and autonomous. They provide computing and communication, monitoring and control of physical components and processes in various applications. Harnessing these capabilities in time and across space creates applications with enormous and disruptive new functionalities with unprecedented societal impact and economic benefit for citizens and societies.

Embedded intelligence can serve in many domains, click on the domain to view the video:







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13 April 2016 | Press release
The ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda 2016 creates the pathway to digital transformation: an opportunity for Europe!
10 March 2015 | Press release
ARTEMIS-IA is driving to grow investments in Cyber-Physical System

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eScop press release
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Cyber-physical futures
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January 2015 | Safetrans
MASRIA 2015 als Grundlage für die kommenden Ausschreibungen in ECSEL veröffentlicht
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Innovative Test- und Analyseverfahren für sichere und zuverlässige Verkehrssysteme
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Aim to ECSEL, Interview with Heinrich Daembkes
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ProcessIT Innovations - Annual Report (incl. ARROWHEAD)
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CRYSTAL- Seamless Life-Cycle Collaboration for Safety-Critical Systems Engineering
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Experts’ opinion: How do partners in CRYSTAL evaluate?
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Interoperabilitat fur Entwicklungswerkzeuge fur Embedded Systems
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Gezamelijk congres staat in teken van kennis en software
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EU and industry join forces to invest €22 billion in research and innovation
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ITEA & ARTEMIS matchmakers in Europese Innovatie
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Miljoenen van Rutte voor Europese Techprojecten
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EU- Onderzoeksprogramma's ITEA en ARTEMIS presenteren ICT Visie die reikt tot 2030
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Healthcare set to drive technology innovation
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ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking
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Klaus Grimm, ARTEMIS JU President
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EU adopts regulation on ARTEMIS' joint undertaking