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Co-summit, 10-11 March 2015, Berlin

Main topics

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Practical information

You can find the exhibition topics and deeplinks to detailed information below, in alphabetical order.

Booth Go to the Exhibition requirements page for adding your booth requirements, indicating crew members and ordering extra equipment.
Booth building Building: Monday 9 March 12:00-20:00 hrs (not earlier). A simple sandwich lunch will be provided to booth crew.
Dismantling: Wednesday 11 March 16:00-20:00 hrs.
Cloakroom There is a cloakroom near the registration desk. Opening hours cloakroom:
- 09 March: 12:00-18:00hrs
- 10 March: 08:00-18:00hrs
- 11 March: 08:00-18:00hrs
Contact All questions regarding the exhibition or Co-summit may be directed to the ARTEMIS-IA office:
T +31 (0)88 0036 188
Costs ARTEMIS-IA provides all ARTEMIS projects a basic exhibition package free of charge.
Dates The Co-summit 2015 congress & exhibition will take place on:
Tuesday 10 March        09:00-17:30hrs
Wednesday 11 March  09:00-16:00hrs
Displays The Co-summit office will be able to supply LCD screens and other AV equipment. Please indicate your needs via the Exhibition requirements page.
Floor plan A detailed floor plan will be made available before the event.
Guided tours Guided tours will be organised for several ARTEMIS-IA and ITEA bodies, Public Authorities and the press.
Hotel The Co-summit office has arranged special rates at several hotels. Please visit the Hotel accommodation page to select your hotel. In order to use the special rates, please book in time!
Internet The entire exhibition space will offer free WiFi access for all visitors. 
Each project booth will be equipped with one wired internet connection. Check for more details the Exhibition requirements page.
Parking Parking for (un)loading: see 'Truck deliveries & return shipments'.
Parking during the event days: Map of parking opportunities nearby.
Power supply Each project booth will be equipped with one 3-parted power socket (max 1kW/230V). 
PowerPoint In addition to the project posters, it is strongly recommended to all projects to present a PowerPoint presentation.
Check the PowerPoint presentation guidelines for detailed instructions on how to use the PowerPoint template.
Press Journalists from different European magazines will participate in the Co-summit. A guided tour at the exhibition will be scheduled for the press. Almost all journalists will stay both event days, so journalists will also visit the exhibition at other moments and without being accompanied by someone of ARTEMIS. Journalists can be recognised by the special colour of their badges (purple).

A media briefing with a few pointers to take into account at the exhibition will be made available a few weeks before the event. This briefing also pays attention to Do's and Don'ts in press contacts.

Contact person for press related issues: 
Iris Hamelink
+31 (0)88 0036 188
Project demo Please check for details of project demonstrator models the Demo page
Project leaflets Project profile / project result leaflets will be produced by ARTEMIS-IA to distribute during the Co-summit. The leaflets will be available digitally and a number of copies will be printed for you to distribute at your own stand. More details can be found on the Project leaflet page.
Project posters All ARTEMIS projects have to show at least one project poster - created, designed and physically produced free of charge by the ARTEMIS-IA office, based upon the contents provided by each project. Go to the Project posters page for details.
Shipping  The exhibitor will be responsible for the reception, unpacking and storing of his goods and for their removal after the exhibition. Shipment address for the Co-summit: see below.

See where you can park for (un)loading your booth equipment on the delivery map. Delivery area 4 has the most space, as well as the best access to the main exhibition area. Please do not park for an extended amount of time in Delivery area 1, because this is the driveway which needs to be as clear as possible in order to access Delivery area 4 (the forecourt).

Lift dimensions:
- Doors 2.5 x 2.5 m (W x H)
- Cage 2.9 x 2.05 m (W x D)
- Maximum weight 2 t (336 kg/m²)

Main entrances (BT 01, BT 02, BT 03, and BT 04) dimensions: ca. 2.2 x 2.2m.

Please keep in mind the following schedule for delivery and return shipments when preparing your exhibition.
Do not forget to write your project name and contact person on the package.

- Delivery:                  7 or 9 March 09:00-18:00hrs
- Return shipment:  11 March 16:00-18:00 hrs
- Delivery address:   bcc Berlin Congress Center GmbH
                                    Co-summit 2015
                                    Booth no / project name - Contact person
                                    Alexanderstr. 11
                                    10178 Berlin, Germany
Stand crew Every participant, stand crew as well, needs to register for the Co-summit before the registration deadline. 
Storage  There will be limited storage space near the exhibition area.
Venue bbc Berlin Congress Center GmbH
Alexanderstr. 11
10178 Berlin Germany
Workshop As a special service, the ARTEMIS-IA office offers ARTEMIS projects a Workshop Presentation/Project Pitch, for support on:
- how to present the key message(s) and business values of the project in 3-5 minutes
- improving the focus of the presentation
- improving presentation skills

For more detailed information and for subscription details go to the Presentation workshop page.