On 6 September, the ARTEMIS Call for 2012 closed. Twenty-five proposals had been submitted, though one submission was evidently an error and it was declared ineligible. With 24 proposals safely dispat...

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  • Posted 19 Dec 2012

Here today, gone tomorrow

Thierry Breton's keynote speech during the Co-summit 2012  “By the end of 2013, there will be no more emails at ATOS.” This bold prediction by the CEO of ATOS in his keynote address ...

Eight billion opportunities

There is wide consensus that the time from now till 2030 will be a period of permanent change and constant disruption. By 2030 the planet will be home to 8 billion people, less than a quarter of whom ...

The president of ARTEMIS-ia will retire

At the end of this year, Klaus Grimm will be retiring from his position at Daimler AG  and as president of the ARTEMIS Industry Association. Looking back at the time he took over the presidency f...

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  • Posted 14 Nov 2012

Recognition Award Ceremony for the first time

The Wednesday morning, although less sunny on outside, nonetheless continued to be a glittering display of innovation and achievement in the CNIT conference centre as ARTEMIS kicked off the day with p...

La Défense provides the futuristic backdrop to share a vision for ICT innovation at the Co-summit 2012

The visionary architectural landscape of La Défense, bathed in morning sunlight and casting a stunning futuristic backdrop to this fifth Co-Summit, perfectly complemented this year’s them...

ARTEMIS projects IoE and Pollux were selected for 'Made in Europe'!

OTHERS Made in Europe The EU projects ARTEMIS IoE, ARTEMIS POLLUX and ENIAC E3Car were part of the exhibition ”Made in Europe – ICT building blocks tackling societal challenges” fr...

The shared vision of ARTEMIS and ITEA on ICT Innovation

Co-summit 2012 Vision 2030 (a shared ARTEMIS-ITEA vision for ICT Innovation)   A period on change and disruption is forecasted to last until 2030. Changes that will impact the way business is ...

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