Internet of Things in the post COVID era

COVID-19 has completely changed our life, the way we work, how we interact with people, the global economy, but we have to look forward: what will we do after? Will there be an “after”? Or...

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  • Posted 08 Jun 2020

ECSEL JU - IMI Joint Activity Call Information Session

On the 18th of June, ECSEL JU organises an online information session about the ECSEL-2020-3-RIA-IMI-ECSEL-joint-activity Call. This in relation to the cooperation with the IMI JU on next generation o...

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  • Posted 02 Jun 2020

Upcoming ECSEL JU Symposium: online edition on Key Digital Technologies enabling European economic recovery

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has proved that the Digital Transformation hugely impacts all sectors of our economy; from agriculture to public services, from industry to public administration, it ...

Coronavirus response: € 56 million for new Call on Medical technologies, Digital Tools and AI analytics

As part of the Call for Expression of Interest, a new Call on Medical technologies, Digital tools and Artificial Intelligence analytics is launched on May 19 to quickly deploy new solutions using medi...

Launch of the 5E project initiative: The digital showcase

On behalf of the EU-funded H2020 project 5E, MESAP Innovation Cluster is pleased to invite you to apply for the 5E Digital Showcase. The Digital Showcase is an online platform to increase visibility o...

MegaMart2 joins its last efforts to conclude the Ecsel project

This past March, MegaM@rt2 entered the last phase of the project to merge its last forces to close the project despite the COVID-19 situation. MegaM@Rt2 is a European project involving 27 organization...

Impact of the new Financial Regulation of the European Commission

With the adoption of new Financial Rules by the ECSEL JU (as imposed by the European Commission) for the 2020 Calls of ECSEL, non-members in project consortia cannot be asked anymore to sign a Declara...

Whitepaper from IoT to SoS

Last year in March 2019, the ARTEMIS Industry Association published a report on the importance of Embedded Intelligence: trends and challenges for the EU, in a global world. This year, it is my pleasu...

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