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  • Posted 14 Nov 2012

Recognition Award Ceremony for the first time

The Wednesday morning, although less sunny on outside, nonetheless continued to be a glittering display of innovation and achievement in the CNIT conference centre as ARTEMIS kicked off the day with p...

La Défense provides the futuristic backdrop to share a vision for ICT innovation at the Co-summit 2012

The visionary architectural landscape of La Défense, bathed in morning sunlight and casting a stunning futuristic backdrop to this fifth Co-Summit, perfectly complemented this year’s them...

ARTEMIS projects IoE and Pollux were selected for 'Made in Europe'!

OTHERS Made in Europe The EU projects ARTEMIS IoE, ARTEMIS POLLUX and ENIAC E3Car were part of the exhibition ”Made in Europe – ICT building blocks tackling societal challenges” fr...

The shared vision of ARTEMIS and ITEA on ICT Innovation

Co-summit 2012 Vision 2030 (a shared ARTEMIS-ITEA vision for ICT Innovation)   A period on change and disruption is forecasted to last until 2030. Changes that will impact the way business is ...

The ARTEMIS and ITEA Cooperation Committee (AICC)

Co-SummitCooperation ITEA  A Sherpa group was started two years ago between ITEA and ARTEMIS with representatives of ARTEMIS-IA, ARTEMIS-JU, ITEA, Public Authorities and the Commission to addres...

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  • Posted 17 Oct 2012

Eminent panel members during the first panel session

Co-summit 2012Panel day 1 Panel session on Sharing a vision for ICT Innovation A plenary debate on the role of a shared vision ICT Innovation will explain the theme of this Co-Summit and make it ali...

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  • Posted 17 Oct 2012

Changes in this years community session

Co-Summit Community session This years’ theme of ARTEMIS Community Session is: “Health Care & Manufacturing Automation” and four projects in these fields have been selected to ...

Status update about JU2

JU 2 We are in discussion with the Commission about a follow-up structure that should organize its first call in 2014. The Commission already proposed in their Horizon 2020 proposal (that is now inve...

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